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Cricket X is the first sports-themed game from Smartsoft Gaming. This top software provider has tried to make cricket a super addictive sport.

Play Cricket X Slot by Smartsoft at Pin Up

You don't need to be a cricket expert to play Cricket X. This game is straightforward and easy to understand, even for a beginner. Cricket X is based on intuition and luck as players need to predict when the ball will pop.

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Smartsoft Gaming

Release date




Max win


Number of reels

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Bet range

10 - 10 000 INR


Auto Cash-Out, In-game live chat, Double bet feature, Live statistics

Main Features

Cricket X slot is an exciting game that has some cool features that will surely make the game more interesting and fun. Among them:

  • in-game chat;
  • live statistics;
  • auto cash-out;
  • double bet.

Live in-game chat is available in Cricket X and allows gamblers to chat with other players who are currently playing.

Live statistics of the game show the winners and the number of their winnings in real time. When you win, your nickname and the amount of money won will also appear on the list.

Main Features at cricket-x

Auto Cash-Outfeature is available for any bet while you are playing the Cricket X slot. In order to take advantage of this, you must specify the multiplier at which the game will stop automatically.

Double bet allows players to place two simultaneous bets that are independent of each other. This allows you to earn more in one game session.

Tips, Tricks, and Strategy

Games from Smartsoft Gaming are similar to each other and have a common key feature — the use of a Random Number Generator. It is important to understand that this technology is based on luck, and it is impossible to predict the outcome of events.

Cricket X, like any slot, is not a game where you can apply some kind of life hacks or strategies that guarantee victory. However, in preparing for this Cricket X review, we managed to find a few tips to help you improve your gaming experience and avoid big losses:

  • Allocate your budget wisely. Cricket X is a game with very fast rounds, so think long and hard about how much you can bet and how many game sessions your budget will last.
  • Use popular strategies. For example, the Martingale strategy will help in case of a loss, so you can recoup and exit the game without a loss.
  • Play the way you like. You can turn the music on or off, set up the auto-cash feature, or place two bets at once. So you can get positive emotions from the game.
  • Don't take unnecessary risks. The Cricket X strategy of small bets and early cash out will be the most profitable. So you can keep the volatility of the game at a low level, avoiding unnecessary risks.

How to place a Bet?

To place a bet in Cricket X and play for real money, you do not need to know any special rules, everything is easy and intuitive.

And so, in order to place a bet, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make a deposit.
  2. Go to Cricket X on Pin Up.
  3. Use the betting field and enter the desired amount there.
  4. Ready! Now follow the game to have time to cash out.

As mentioned earlier, when playing Cricket X, you can place two bets at once, for this, you just need to use the second betting panel.

Cricket X reviews

  1. I'm new to the gambling world, so the Cricket X slot suited me perfectly, the game is very simple and does not require much from players. Just come in, place a bet and cash out on time. What could be easier? The game attracted me with its high RTP and the ability to cut a huge jackpot. Once I put in 30 rupees and got as much as 600, I was insanely happy.
  2. I've been acquainted with Smartsoft Gaming games for a long time. And when they released Cricket X, I was very happy to try a sports-themed slot. And not for nothing, the game is incredibly simple and cool. It seems to me that Smartsoft gave its best and created a unique product that both experts and beginners will like. And since I'm interested in cricket, Cricket X was the perfect solution for me. In the game, I usually don't take risks, I bet little and cash out enough early, so I practically do not face losses. That's cool!
  3. Cricket X format is not new to me, I have already tried quite a lot of similar games. But so far, Cricket X is one of the best for me. First of all, the range for betting is quite wide, I can supply both 15 rupees and 700 rupees or even more. Secondly, the game allows you to independently control volatility. That is, I can decide for myself whether I want rare and major victories or frequent small winnings. And finally, the game is simple and fast, I can go from my PC or smartphone at any time and quickly play a couple of sessions.
  4. I'm not an expert in all these games and so on, so I'm always looking for something simple. This time I came across Cricket X and I'm very glad I tried to play. I have already set up auto-cashing for a small multiplier and I also place small bets. That's how I win often, although not much. And this allows me to fully adjust the game and get excitement from the process.
  5. I wanted to find something simple but interesting, as I'm already tired of classic slots. Then I came across Cricket X. I can't say much. The game is cool and easy. I didn't have to spend much time understanding the gameplay or remembering the rules. I just bet and was guided by intuition. It's a pity that the rounds last very little, but this is the format of the game, I'm already used to it.
  6. I'm a high roller and Cricket X was perfect for playing this way. I always bet a lot and cash out as late as possible. In this regard, Cricket X surpasses classic slots. In addition to hoping for luck, I also use my intuition. So the game process becomes very interesting and more exciting because I feel my direct involvement in winning.
  7. Cricket X is a fun game that helps me escape from routine and quickly play a couple of game sessions. Initially, I was struck by the high RTP game, which left no doubt about trying to play. And I wasn't a bit disappointed. Cricket X is a cool game that is made qualitatively and causes me only pleasant emotions.
  8. I'm a real cricket fan and watch all the top matches regularly. But sometimes I'm tired of the usual bets and I wanted to find something from the cricket theme for a change. I was very pleased when I saw that Smartsoft had just released such a slot. I didn't like Cricket X right away, as I tried such a game format for the first time. But after a couple of games, I realized that the game was great. Everything is very simple and exciting, I especially like to bet two bets at once.
  9. I'm a real fan of games from Smartsoft and tried most of them. When Cricket X was released, I was very happy and immediately tried the game and was not disappointed at all. Cricket X slot is very cool, and in conjunction with RTP above average and the ability to get a huge multiplier, the game becomes just great and profitable for gamblers. I used to like to bet one small bet, but now I've advanced a little and sometimes like to take risks. Now I often place quite large double bets and get even more exciting emotions.
  10. Cricket X is what I liked right away. There are many cool features that significantly improve the gameplay. I especially like live statistics. I'm very interested in watching the victories of other players. The live chat function is also very cool because sometimes I lack communication, and here I can earn money and interact with other players. Well, on top of that is a high RTP and the ability to choose the moment to cash it out.