JetX - How to play for Real money and Demo

Here we tell our readers and players about how the mechanics of the Jet X game work in the Pin-Up casino. We explain the meaning of each button, bet amounts and potential winnings. Before you start playing Jet X, it is important to familiarize yourself with its rules, which we also talk about in this article. Let's compare the game for real money and demo mode. We talk about popular strategies and the process of downloading the Pin-Up application for a comfortable game from your mobile device.

🎰 Provider SmartSoft
πŸ’° RTP 97,00 %
πŸ”’ Safety Provably Fair algorithm
πŸ“ŠLines (min/max) N/A
πŸ’΅ Bet (min/max) 0,01 USD/100 USD
πŸ’° Max win N/A
πŸ“± Mobile version Yes (Android, iOS)

The variety of games presented in modern Indian online casinos allows you to find an option for each client. Some players prefer to bet at table games or card tables. Others choose classic slots, which are also not without their advantages. If a gambler is interested in original entertainment, then the online game JetX looks like an ideal choice. The game is an arcade slot machine developed by the well-known company SmartSoft Gaming. The arcade appeared not so long ago, which is seen thanks to:

  • high-quality graphics;
  • convenient management;
  • unusual gameplay.

Jet x reminds visitors of the Aviator slot's gaming casino, which also remains in the spotlight among the audience focused on non-standard projects. The game features an attractive retro design and a functional interface with tables and odds.

What is ultimate JetX in Pin Up Casino?

Betting in India today offers many sites. At the same time, not all of them can offer an extensive range of games, which includes:

  • slots;
  • jackpot games;
  • card games;
  • board games.

A feature of Pin Up casino JetX is that the machine cannot be attributed to a certain category. This means that the player can experience a completely new experience in the betting process, which will not leave anyone indifferent. At the heart of any game that provides real payouts for players is the use of a random number generator. JetX is no exception in this respect. Each aircraft launch triggers a random number generator, which determines the outcome. For this reason, it is almost impossible to predict the moment when the plane will begin to descend.

Pin Up casino JetX

Players place bets on how long the flight will be. It is important not just to predict the moment at which the plane will explode, but to understand what height it will reach. As long as the aircraft gains altitude, the coefficients continue to grow. Since the end of the game remains unknown to the players, this helps to keep the intrigue. To control the game process are used:

Key Purpose
Bet Bet size
Collect Stop the arcade and get money
Place your bet Placing a bet
Cancel Cancellation of bid

Players can bet in paid and free mode. For this reason, beginners who do not have the necessary experience can always use the game for coins instead of real money.

JetX predictor: how to increase your chances of winning?

Many players want to get a JetX predictor to increase their chances of winning. In fact, it will be enough to evaluate the strengths of the arcade to figure it all out on your own:

  • a random number generator is provided;
  • the game is released by a well-known provider;
  • The gameplay is polished.

All this suggests that it is impossible to influence from the outside. The bet will bring a certain result if the player is responsible for gambling. The game is based solely on luck. Players can use various betting platforms:

  • smartphones;
  • tablets;
  • laptops.

The key to success in Jetx predictor online is practice. The player must place as many bets as possible to notice patterns and increase their chances of receiving payouts. The arcade allows you to earn money and have a good time, which is why it received high marks from the players.

Game rules: how to play JetX online in Pin-Up Casino?

JetX Pin Up game has quite simple rules:

  • determine the size of the bet;
  • choose the moment to make a bet;
  • pick up the winnings on time.

Firstly, a casino visitor must decide what kind of bet he is ready to make. You can bet in Indian rupees, which allows you to get big in a currency that is convenient for withdrawal. Next, you should set your bet and start the aircraft's flight. Until it crashes, the player increases the maximum win. It is imperative here not to miss the moment when the plane explodes, as this will lead to losing winnings.

Using the automatic withdrawal of funds, the player will receive the funds won immediately. The amount of rupees that can be withdrawn depends on two factors:

  • size of the bet;
  • multiplier.

The probability of defeat increases with the climb to a high altitude. You can only apply for cash after the first deposit has been made. The size of the bet must correspond to the strategy followed by the player.

The arcade has an interesting visual style, reminiscent of the slot machines of the 80s. The game can awaken nostalgia among regular casino visitors who started from land-based gaming establishments. The interface is spacious regarding information, which helps choose the right betting strategy.

Play JetX Game in India

Bets and Cashout

When choosing JetX tricks for real money bets, the player needs to set a certain fund. It must match the bankroll. Usually, they pick from 5 to 10 percent of the funds in the account, which allows you to recoup later if you fail to achieve your goal. The chance of hitting the jackpot remains quite high. To achieve the goal, you must carefully monitor how the flight develops. When the plane can't handle the load, it will fall apart, and the game will be over.

Pin Up JetX demo

To bet JetX real money, you need to:

  • register;
  • enter your account;
  • make a deposit;
  • start placing bets.

If a player visits a casino site for the first time, he wants to get to know the site better before betting on real money. For this, free gameplay is provided, which does not require mandatory registration.

For real money πŸ’΅ Demo 🎰
Money betting Bets on virtual coins
Need a deposit No need to register
Registration required You can play without money
There is a risk of losing money Regular workout
Bonuses can be wagered  

The big advantage is that you can continue to place free bets even if the player has already completed the registration procedure. It is enough just to choose the appropriate format for launching the game on the start screen. The free format is used not only by beginners, but also by professionals. It is in this game mode that you can test strategies without risk. Players are better versed in the gameplay features and controls, so they will not make serious mistakes during real bets. The free betting mode is also suitable for those who have not visited the casino for a long time and want to remember the basics.

Pin Up JetX game tricks and strategies β€” how to win?

JetX demo is used to test strategies, and this approach is quite justified. Three main approaches can be followed when betting.

Strategy type Peculiarities
conservative Bet on the minimum amount and receive a win at odds up to 1.5


Getting a win with a coefficient of 1.1
risk rate Stopping the game when the coefficient reaches 2.5 or higher

For a beginner, a more rational solution would be to stick to a fast strategy. Naturally, it is unsuitable for those who want to get the biggest winnings while betting at the casino. At the same time, it is possible to get to a multiplier of 1.1 almost every time the aircraft is launched. The conservative strategy is interesting because it represents the golden mean. On the one hand, it allows you to improve the financial situation of a successful player, and on the other hand, it is characterized by moderate risk. Making bets within this strategy's framework is fun since you do not have to stop the flight at the very start.

To stick to a risky strategy, you must have a fairly impressive deposit. It is worth noting that this strategy can bring good income, but players have to be prepared for periodic losses. Without composure and sober logic, achieving results within this strategy's framework will be difficult.

Players can bet in different formats and combine several strategies. At the same time, experienced casino visitors recommend starting to experiment after the player has thoroughly studied the basic strategies. For example, you can bet on a large amount by choosing the minimum multiplier. How does this rating work? For example, a player bet 10,000 rupees on one flight and stopped the plane when it reached 1.3. In this case, he can get 13,000 rupees, and the net winnings will be 3,000 rupees. The result is achieved due to the large size of the bet.

You can also make equal bets on all multipliers. Such a strategy is considered less risky, but its potential in terms of making money will be moderate. The player evenly distributes bets by multipliers, increasing the chances of winning. Betting on large multipliers will be justified if the player knows how to wait and does not panic when the next bet does not work. Here you can recommend choosing the minimum amounts for bets so that you can continue testing the strategy for longer.

To increase the likelihood that the gaming process will end with receiving payments, gamblers must regularly cash out the funds received through bets. You should go to your account and withdraw funds after hitting another jackpot. This approach will not allow the casino to return the funds that the player won during fair bets.

Download JetX app on mobile

Many casino visitors choose Jetx to keep the level of excitement high. The mobile client is perfect for this purpose. Jetx app is installed on a smartphone according to the following scheme:

  • go to the official website of the casino;
  • find a link to the application and start downloading;
  • allow installation from unknown sources;
  • complete the installation.

After the installation is complete, return the device's security settings to their previous state. On mobile, betting won't be a problem if you follow a simple tactic.

Tips Description
Understanding the Game The arcade is easy to learn and has a detailed description
Practice is the way to success Regular betting will help improve results
Enjoy The free version will help you have fun without risk
Learn to be patient In the game, it is important to find the perfect moment to bet

The betting technique is quite simple. The player can make the first bet before the start of the game. Then the plane accelerates, and you need to catch the moment when the bet will be withdrawn. The player can make a second bet if the plane continues to fly. The key points are the ability to make a bet in time and stop. Stable access to bets, a large selection of entertainment, and the ability to contact support and quickly withdraw funds are the advantages that you can take advantage of using a mobile application.

Pros of the JetX game

Payment in the arcade machine is automatic. As soon as the player takes the bet, his winnings will be added to the main account. Jetx login is required for real money betting, for which identifiers created during registration are used. The betting limits are extensive. You can risk Rs 50 or wager Rs 50,000 depending on your bankroll.

Pros βœ… Cons ❌
Availability of RNG Can't predict the outcome
Wide betting limits  
Constantly increasing odds  

Jet x should be played in a casino that offers a high-quality service. Since all data is in the public domain, the player knows every feature in such a site, from jurisdiction to license number. The welcome bonus can be received by every newcomer who has not previously gone through the registration procedure on the casino website. The conditions of the bonus program are obvious. If gamblers have additional questions, they can always be asked to representatives of the support service.


How do you make money with JetX in Pin Up Casino?

Playing the Jetx demo is worth it to improve your skills and understand the rules in more detail. Then you can safely run the game for real money and hope for luck. The machine is based on RNG so that the bets will be processed in a safe mode.

How does the JetX game work in Pin Up Casino?

The game has an arcade-style so that you can forget about traditional pay lines or reels. Instead, they offer to use multipliers and catch the moment when the value of the multipliers matches the strategy chosen by the gambler.

How to play JetX card game in Pin Up Casino India?

To place bets in the casino, the player will need to follow a few simple steps. First you need to go through the registration procedure and make a deposit. The next step is to set the bet size and launch the plane. Once the plane reaches a suitable height for the player, you can collect your winnings and wait for the next launch.

Can I play JetX for free?

Yes, the developer has provided the opportunity to run the game in free mode. In this case, gamblers will not risk their deposit, so they can slowly study the features of the slot and test strategies in terms of their effectiveness.

Can I play JetX on my mobile device?

To place bets on a mobile device, the player only needs to install the application or activate the mobile version. Each option has its advantages.